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"Our mission is to spread love and light across the Universe with sweet sonic vibrations." -Los Angeles based international performing & recording music artist, Alex Arndt

Been pondering our vast Universe...

It amazes me how people can close their minds off to the size of the Universe. With billions of stars, millions of galaxies, and possibly a googol of planets, how can it be that human beings are the only thinking animal in creation?

-Coriander Woodruff, Strange Tales of Floyd County, VA

Photo Credit: Desi Arnaz

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2019 EP Release Announcement

Reaching out to the entertainment industry.  Seeking management, marketing, technical (film / production), musicians, tour / tech, sponsors / investors, and more.  Please get in touch. / 440-ALEX-ARNDT (440-253-9276)

Hope this puts a Smile Upon Your Face!

Brand new Red Couch Sessions is out...

"This one goes out to Blue Lou of San Diego, California, USA.  I met Blue Lou while performing in San Diego’s music scene.  We used to play together at clubs like Blind Melons, which is now called 710 Beach Club.

Blue Lou could play the harmonica like Jimi Hendrix played the guitar.  People would lose their minds.  Blue Lou used to say that I would shine my brightest when I put my own twists on covers.  That’s why I put some original flavor into this song.  See my original lyrics for the rap verse below.”

  -Alex Arndt

Surreal Music Magazine Interview: Alex Arndt from The Sonic Universe on his new YouTube series “Red Couch Sessions”

Interview: Alex Arndt from The Sonic Universe on his new YouTube series "Red Couch Sessions"

Photo credit to Desi Arnaz. Alex Arndt is a creative soul constantly working to make music. With his new project, the Red Couch Sessions on YouTube, Arndt is rapidly growing his reach and giving his fans a chance to have a part in his craft. Continue reading to learn more about Alex Arndt and the...

Alex Arndt was featured in LA Times

Musician Alex Arndt rushed back to his Agua Dulce home from Beverly Hills when he heard about the fire. He was desperate to grab his passport and his guitar, because he is leaving this week for a tour in Ireland.

He said he wasn’t able to drive all the way because of road closures, so he parked his car and went by foot along a trail and dirt road to his home. His mission was a success.

“This trip is really important to me,” Arndt said. “My guitar is my baby. Replacing it would be very difficult at this point and getting a replacement passport would be virtually impossible.”

Evacuations lifted for Stone fire in Agua Dulce; blaze grows to 1,400 acres

The fire was crawling up hillsides, where it was pushed by 20 mph wind gusts, according the National Weather Service. It was about 97 degrees when the fire started and the area was considered at an elevated fire risk Monday, said forecaster Ryan Kittell.