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"Our mission is to spread love and light across the Universe with sweet sonic vibrations." -Los Angeles based international performing & recording music artist, Alex Arndt

Surreal Music Magazine Interview: Alex Arndt from The Sonic Universe on his new YouTube series “Red Couch Sessions”

Interview: Alex Arndt from The Sonic Universe on his new YouTube series "Red Couch Sessions"

Photo credit to Desi Arnaz. Alex Arndt is a creative soul constantly working to make music. With his new project, the Red Couch Sessions on YouTube, Arndt is rapidly growing his reach and giving his fans a chance to have a part in his craft. Continue reading to learn more about Alex Arndt and the...

Alex Arndt was featured in LA Times

Musician Alex Arndt rushed back to his Agua Dulce home from Beverly Hills when he heard about the fire. He was desperate to grab his passport and his guitar, because he is leaving this week for a tour in Ireland.

He said he wasn’t able to drive all the way because of road closures, so he parked his car and went by foot along a trail and dirt road to his home. His mission was a success.

“This trip is really important to me,” Arndt said. “My guitar is my baby. Replacing it would be very difficult at this point and getting a replacement passport would be virtually impossible.”

Evacuations lifted for Stone fire in Agua Dulce; blaze grows to 1,400 acres

The fire was crawling up hillsides, where it was pushed by 20 mph wind gusts, according the National Weather Service. It was about 97 degrees when the fire started and the area was considered at an elevated fire risk Monday, said forecaster Ryan Kittell.

March 2018 Red Couch Sessions coming soon

We made a major upgrade to the sound quality for the Red Couch Sessions studio.  New mic, preamp, and chassis.  It's going to sound amazing.  There was a faulty product and we are getting shipped the new one.  Waiting on it.   Hope to be able to get this recorded and out within the next week!

Exclusive Interview with The Sonic Universe out today!

New Exclusive Interview with Innova X / Creativity Muze TV

Exclusive Interview with our ReverbNation Winner, Alex Arndt of The Sonic Universe!

1.Who are you as an artist? What is your story? I was born a music artist. I remember singing with songs on the radio as a toddler pretending I was the rockstar who wrote, recorded, and performs that song on tour. To believe I was a rockstar music artist, was the greatest feeling ever.

Red Couch Sessions - New Episode out now! First Fridays Broadcast

Make You Feel My Love - Bob Dylan

"This request goes out to Suzi in Alabama.  She just wanted to give her blessing to everyone and wishes you peace and joy in 2017.  I can't thank you enough Suzi for your contribution and support.  I really loved your song selection; it was a true pleasure learning this song.  It really encompasses what The Sonic Universe is about." -Alex Arndt

Suzi did not request me to blog or post about her business, but I will gladly do that for you with you song request.  Just fill out the form at check out. :)

Find out how to request your song Below!

Red Couch Sessions - Requests Only

The April sale on "Red Couch Sessions - Requests Only" ended May 1, 2018, but we have lowered the regular price by $100!

How it works.  Simply click on the "Submit your RCS Song Request Form" button below to fill out the form and request any song you would like to hear Alex Arndt perform on Red Couch Sessions.  Requests are first come, first serve and "Red Couch Sessions - Requests Only" is broadcast every First Friday of the month in ultra HD 4K quality on YouTube in the Red Couch Sessions playlist.  Within 48 hours of receiving your order, you will be sent the date of broadcast for your song request.

In addition, if you specify, Alex will give you a shout out during the program and even list you in the description.  If you have a tagline for your business, please also submit this and we will include it.

Notice:  We reserve the right to refund your order within 48 hours of receipt if Alex is not comfortable with your song choice for any reason.  However, it should also be noted that Alex has not yet turned down a request to date.

Alex's process:  

1.) Each song is given loving care.  Alex will spend hours listening to the song on repeat to really understand and get the feeling for the song.  

2.) Alex will craft his own arrangement for an acoustic performance which may include guitar, piano, electronic production and vocals.

3.) Your song will be rehearsed extensively in the new original arrangement.

4.) High quality audio recording is created with a Rode NT1 Condenser microphone and Avedis Preamp and is mixed and mastered for YouTube release.

5.) Multicamera ultra HD 4K quality video shoot in the Red Couch Studio is captured.

6.) Ultra HD 4K quality video is edited with camera angle switching giving your song's presentation a cinematic feel.

7.) Ultra HD 4K quality video is broadcast on in the Red Couch Sessions playlist on your specified Friday. Once requests start picking up, we'll do more Fridays (possibly every Friday, but for now it will always be on the 1st Friday of the month).  Video will remain on youtube forever.

Submit your RCS Song Request Form!

Audition for The Sonic Universe!

We are seeking a:

  • lead guitarist
  • keyboardist
  • bassist


  • visual animator (projections synced with music for live performance)
  • costume designer

Please send samples of your performance(s) or work and any relevant materials to  We will be holding auditions throughout April 2017 and beyond.

Limited Edition - Alex Arndt & The Sonic Universe - Sonic Paradigm concept album - physical CD's for sale!

Alex Arndt & The Sonic Universe - Sonic Paradigm Album - Limited Edition Physical CD

Around 4,950 physical CD's were sold mostly at concerts or even backyard performances.  There are only about 20 physical copies left (unless there is a another mystery stack somewhere, which would be neat to find)!  We will ship one of these very limited edition albums to you for $25 (shipping is included unless outside of the USA.  If international, we will charge you an added fee).

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