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"Our mission is to spread love and light across the Universe with sweet sonic vibrations." -Los Angeles based international performing & recording music artist, Alex Arndt

Red Couch Sessions - Requests Only (Grand Opening half off sale!)

Red Couch Sessions - Requests Only
299.50 599.00

Celebrate the grand opening of "Red Couch Sessions - Requests Only" with half off the regularly priced order (for a limited time)!  

How it works.  Submit any song you would like to hear Alex Arndt perform on Red Couch Sessions.  Requests are first come, first serve and "Red Couch Sessions - Requests Only" is broadcast every First Friday of the month starting April 2017 on YouTube.  Within 48 hours of receiving your order, you will be sent the date of broadcast for your song request.

In addition, if you specify, Alex will give you a shout out during the program and even list you in the description.  If you have a tagline for your business, please also submit this and we will include it.

Alex's process:  

1.) Each song is given loving care.  Alex will spend hours listening to the song on repeat to really understand and get the feeling for the song.  

2.) He will craft his own arrangement for an acoustic performance which may include guitar, piano, electronic production and vocals.

3.) Your song will be rehearsed extensively in the new original arrangement.

4.) High quality audio recording is created with a Neumann TLM 103 Condenser microphone ($1,600 mic).

5.) Multicamera video shoot in the Red Couch Studio is captured.

6.) Video is edited to give a cinematic movement and feel with camera angle switching.

7.) Video broadcast on on your specified Friday. Once requests start picking up, we'll do more Fridays (possibly every Friday, but for now always on the 1st Friday of the month).  Video will remain on youtube forever.

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See an example of a Red Couch Sessions song request below: